International Cross Cultural Student Forum

Broaden your horizon with cross cultural opportunities
We work to connect, inspire and empower students globally through solidarity, co-operation, mentorship and knowledge dissemination.

Most of the learning during the year takes place in traditional ways on campus. But global online platforms provide an affordable and accessible means for real cross-cultural communication by connecting students from different countries. That is exactly what we aim to achieve.

Why are we here?

The International Cross Cultural Student Forum is a platform for students to build networks, discuss culture & history and facilitate digital campaigns, debates & discussion on global issues.

Through cooperation, coaching and mentorship, this forum serves as an enabler fostering better communication, learning, growth and development of effective life skills. All of this is facilitated by students, mentors, life coaches and teachers making this forum a thriving hub of knowledge and productivity for the next generation.

Key Benefits

Gain Knowledge

Discuss international issues, create & publish whitepapers and participate in debates building confidence and shaping your personality

Interact with Mentors

Work under the guidance of highly qualified mentors and learn from their international experience

Participate in Speaking competitions

Participate in various international speaking competitions and develop your edge to tread the world fearlessly. These activities help students improve their body language , peer skills and also identify the right ideals for life.

Work with Life coaches

A life coach keeps tab on things during these activities to help students grow more communicative and develop their personality .

Cross Cultural Collaborative Learning 

We constantly host conferences, seminars and discussions for students to collaborate and work with international teams. This is the best way to instill confidence and facilitate learning among the participants.

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