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Our Mission

Personality Development Program

EduNique is dedicated to nurture achievers for life.

Every child is unique. Each one of them has a different pace of learning and retaining. Each one of them has a different personality, which can be molded to help them achieve not just good marks but to imbibe a method to excel and thrive in everything that they do! Their minds are not just a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled!

With 25+ years of experience of advancing techniques that help children to be brimming with confidence to approach examinations and creating a strong base for school subjects and more. We do this with our unique one-to-one classroom sessions. Unlike other places, where students study in groups, at EduNique, you can be sure that with every session, your child has learnt something new, because of the personal attention and meticulous practice that they are made to complete before they go home. By doing so, we are aware of their level of understanding of every concept, and help them overcome hurdles and focus on deep learning of fundamentals. No room for being shy when they learn one-on-one. The results speak for themselves!

Our pedagogy is designed to overcome “Exam Fever” for students as well as parents. We prepare our students by simplifying concepts, explaining theories inspire a sense of curiosity and excitement to learn. We know that confidence comes from practice, systematic and thorough understanding of concepts. This is tested through verbal and written practice papers. And time-based mock examinations done every week. Our students approach exams with confidence because they know once proper learning and revision are done, they can crack and ace it!

Every student at EduNique is closely monitored, tested and polished by our team of highly trained professional study-instructors that help them awaken the sense of self-belief by working on a customized curriculum that focuses on retention and deep-learning of fundamentals. Covering all subjects across major boards such as IB, CBSE and ICSE for classes 1st – 10th. Our programs are designed to promote logical and analytical thinking, problem-solving, improve verbal and written communication, and reduce stress by teaching them time management.

We care for the success and holistic development of all our students. We want them to be prepared for the future, not just exams. That is why we have curated extra-curricular activities that can occupy your child’s time in a way that will build their individual personalities and interests outside the school curriculum and use their precious time constructively. We foster their talents by providing them with the exposure to skills of the future such as AR, VR, Coding and help them learn soft-skills they will need to become wholesome, successful adults.

Our Vision

Achieving success by sparking curiosity!

Children must be taught to think and not what to think, when or how to think but think, assess, debate.

Teach the child to fish not feed him daily. Nobody has seen tomorrow, let’s equip ourselves to tide over the worst with critical thinking skills and problem solving skills.


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